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Dan is an amazing coach, mentor, and friend. While working in Asia, and later in South America, Dan was amazing at helping me identify my personal fulcrum which, with some adjustments, allowed me to better leverage my leadership skills to help the individuals in my organization grow and develop. I can’t recommend him enough!

- CFO Business Payments and Lending

Grow Your Leadership

Leadership Edge

Coaches don’t create talent, they help us identify, strengthen, and bring forward our talent in new, more impactful, and more fulfilling ways. Exceptional performers continuously seek out their learning edge, growing and evolving their skills to up their game and achieve even greater results.

As we move in our careers, we adopt perspectives, practices, and habits that get great results. We take on new and greater challenges. As businesses flatten, expand, and diversify, our next role or business challenge is often dramatically bigger or more complex, and we discover our leadership practices are stretched to their limits, no longer getting the level of results our new circumstances demand.

Committed leaders continuously seek out their learning edge, growing and evolving their skills to up their game and achieve even greater results. Dan’s specialty is using a rapid-change approach, enabling executives and leaders to create new and sustainable behaviors and measurable results. Clients have described him as supportive yet challenging as they increase their awareness, discover new insights that expand their options for action, and achieve new ways of working to achieve breakthrough results and greater fulfillment for themselves and the people in their lives.

Dan has worked with international leaders in Finance, Product Engineering, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Legal, Compliance, Security, Information technology, Investments, and non-profits driving improvements in both mature and well-established businesses as well as to those that are in start up or driving urgent transformation.

How Coaching Helps

Coaching is a process that facilitates transformation. Through provocative questions, insightful models, and capability-building practices, we learn to better observe ourselves, our assumptions, the people we are with, and the environment in which we are operating and then to choose the most powerful and intentional behaviors to achieve the best results we are capable of. Coaching takes us out of our comfort zone to discover insights and possibilities we had not previously seen, and then supports our practice until we are able to move flexibly from the actions that made us successful leaders today, to those that will make us exceptional leaders going forward.

Dan helps successful leaders committed to their growth to Learn to observe things others don’t, to Act in Ways others won’t, to Achieve things others can’t.

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Coaching Gets Results

The results we are getting come from the behaviors and practices we use. Those are determined by our attitudes and beliefs about the world, about ourselves, and about those we interact with, - our view of what’s important, what’s possible, what’s fair, what is “common sense”, what others value, how best to drive organization performance, how trusting and committed others are, and much, much more. Our views set the boundaries for the options we see, and early choices often become unconscious habits that determine how we lead and behave with those around us and the results we ultimately achieve.

To get better Results, we need to become better observers, to understand the mindset that drives and limits our actions, and then expand our perspective to choose more powerful behaviors that generate new results. We need to make conscious choices of new practices that transform how we show up to meet new challenges.

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