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Working with Dan on my leadership journey was a privilege. Dan’s caring and insightful approach to coaching laid the foundation for trusted and meaningful conversations... making sure I heard what I needed to hear in order to grow, and then being there to help work through the path forward. Thank you for making me a better leader.

- Global & Multidisciplinary Leader, Innovator and Strategist

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Organization Development & Change

A leader without followers is just going for a walk. But a staff of followers is not enough. You need your staff to be leaders, inspiring a leader’s perspective throughout your entire organization. You need everyone making daily adjustments and decisions in alignment with your strategy and priorities. You need them scanning the horizon for unanticipated threats and opportunities, openly and productively addressing setbacks and breakdowns, having the right conversations with the right people at the right time to drive exceptional results. You need them to think and act like an owner.

Working with you we’ll create a cohesive, open, mutually-supporting team that puts the collective priorities ahead of their own department. They’ll be able to articulate the organization’s reason for existence, critical priorities, and strategy for winning to guide daily decision making throughout your organization, and ensure clear, reliable follow-up and execution based on team decisions. We will build long term competence & fulfillment, to master self-correction, and become self-generating.

Whether you have a new staff that you are trying to bring together into a team or an established staff you want to bring to the next level, I have proven solutions to help.

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