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Thank you Dan for always believing in me and being there. Glad you flew halfway across the globe to coach me on what it takes to be a truly world class leader. I never met someone who truly listened, shared unique perspective yet limited to allow me to grow on my own. I am still practicing and with you being my inspiration. No doubt anyone being coached by you will excel sustainably.

- Entrepreneur

The best refresh and reinvent themselves to meet the challenges ahead.

When Tiger Woods reached the top of the amateur world, he worked with his Coach to reinvent his swing so he could conquer the pros. Once he was the top professional, he did it again so he could stay at the top of the game.


Dan Winter

Work on the problem, developing the person.

Leaders around the world facing their most challenging situations hire Dan to generate new insights and innovative approaches to reach new levels of leadership. Dan’s diverse, international clients have leveraged his coaching to solve a wide variety of business challenges:

  • Stepping up from leading a 50-member, two-site organization to a multinational, 175-member organization
  • Executive integration to transform the business, driving millions in new investment value
  • Establishing an executive partnership, driving new business capability to mitigate company-threatening risk
  • Growing high potential regional leaders to take on company-wide responsibilities, reducing costs by 30%
  • Leading consolidated functions to drive scale and efficiency, doubling engineering production
  • Doubling the number and size of sites to support rapid business expansion
  • Transforming a senior technical expert into an executive influencer, tripling solution adoption
  • Building executive presence and engagement while retaining their authentic sense of self
  • Created an inclusive culture which reduced turnover, increased representation, and enhanced commitment
  • Inspiring full engagement to maintain business continuity while moving functions to low-cost geographies

Dan’s specialty is using a rapid-change approach, enabling executives and leaders to create new and sustainable behaviors and measurable results. Clients describe him as supportive yet challenging as they increase their awareness, discover new insights that expand their options for action, and achieve new ways of working to achieve breakthrough results and greater fulfillment for themselves and the people in their lives. Dan has worked with international leaders in Finance, Product Engineering, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Legal, Compliance, Security, Information Technology, Investments, and non-profits driving improvements in both mature and well-established businesses as well as to those that are in start-up mode or driving urgent transformation.

Dan’s practical business background as a leader in Fortune 200 companies dealing with complex challenges, dynamic markets, and evolving cultures provides a grounded view of what his clients are experiencing and how they can build their networks to support their ongoing growth. Dan’s unique ability to “wake people up”, frame the breakdown, and create new paths to success helps them see themselves through the lens of what they can truly accomplish, evaluate their current practices to continue leveraging, and develop new approaches that will lead to a new level of performance for them and their teams. Dan takes clients from Breakdown to Insight, to Practice, and Mastery, with in-depth feedback and supportive course-correction based on real-time results.

Dan’s clients say it best…

“Working with Dan on my leadership journey was a privilege. Dan’s caring and insightful approach to coaching laid the foundation for trusted and meaningful conversations. What I most appreciated about my time with Dan was his commitment to making sure I heard what I needed to hear in order to grow and then being there to help work through the path forward.”

– GM, Fortune 50 Manufacturer

“Dan is one of the best coaches I have met... I was fortunate to get both 1:1 coach sessions with him and participate in his group sessions. Dan has a unique way to deliver a compelling coaching session by telling stories that are simple yet provoking.”

– VP, Leading Data Center Provider

“Dan coached me through some very tough cultural challenges I was trying to maneuver. His ability to listen, be empathic, and assess the situation that I was going through was key for me to build the trust and embrace his development guidance. I really appreciate Dan's willingness to work with me and the confidence that he had in me, even when I was not sure if I had it. His coaching provided a more direct path, allowing me to efficiently get to the outcome.”

– Data Scientist

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